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Wategen Inc.
Founded2009; 10 years ago (2009)
Key people
Michael Mirilashvili (President)
Maxim Pasik (Executive Chairman)
Yos Shiran (CEO)

Watergen Inc. (formerly Water-Gen) is an Israel-based global company that develops water-from-air solutions.



Founded in 2009 by Israeli entrepreneur and former combat commander Arye Kohavi and a team of engineers, Watergen was originally a startup conceived to provide easily accessible water to militaries around the world.[1]

Following the company’s acquisition in 2016 by businessman Michael Mirilashvili, Watergen shifted its focus tackling water scarcity and answering the needs of civilians following natural disasters.[2][3]

Watergen has since developed a line of products, suitable for different needs, from remote rural areas to commercial office buildings[4] and private homes. It has been used around the world by armies[3] as well as the public and private sectors in the United States,[5] Latin America,[6][7][8] India,[9][10] Vietnam,[11] Uzbekistan[12][13] and the African continent.[14][15]

The company's main office is located in Petach Tikva, Israel. It has an affiliate company in the United States, "Watergen USA".[16]


The company has stated that it aims to create a "solution to a problem affecting almost two thirds of the world’s population – lack of sufficient quality drinking water [by] using state-of-the-art technology to provide humanity with a renewable source of high-quality drinking water, extracted from the air, making it available anywhere, on demand and at a reasonable cost."[17]


Watergen's patented GENius™ technology is an energy-efficient atmospheric water generator (AWG), which generates water from air at 250Wh per liter. During the process, air is drawn into the Watergen atmospheric water generator, where an air filter removes dust and dirt. Then, clean air is directed through Watergen's technology and undergoes a heat exchange and cooling process. At this temperature point, condensation occurs and water is created.[18] The water is then channeled through a multi-stage filtering system to remove impurities, add minerals, and maintain its health properties (when the water reaches its ideal quality, it is either stored in a built-in or external reservoir where it is kept fresh through continuous circulation, or connected to the water grid of buildings, neighborhoods and cities, delivering water directly to residents’ taps).[19] According to the company, GENius™ produces up to five times more water per kilowatt than any other technology on the market, using just 250Wh per liter.[18] It claims that the process is environmentally friendly, as a renewable solution that reduces plastic waste and carbon footprint, and typically produces 4 liters of water for every kilowatt of energy at a cost of 2-4 cents per liter.


  • Large Scale AWG - Watergen’s Large Scale unit is an Industrial Scale Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG), designed for towns, villages, factories, off-grid settlements and communities.
  • GEN-350 AWG - GEN-350 atmospheric water generator is a medium scale, mobile water generator aimed for fast deployment at all weather conditions. It is able to produce up to 900l of water a day, depending on the humidity and temperature. It is an ideal solution for schools, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings.[20][21]
  • Emergency Response Vehicle - Watergen’s Emergency response vehicle (ERV) is a customized heavy-duty truck which securely transports Watergen’s units to provide clean drinking water-from-air in emergency situations and natural disasters. It consists of GEN-350 and powered by a diesel generator that ensures the system is mobile and can be operated in any location.
  • GENNY Home Appliances - GENNY is a small water-from-air energy-efficient generator for home or office and can generate up to 27l of drinking water from air.[22]
  • Automotive AWG - Integrated water generation technology in private and public transportation providing the driver and passengers with clean drinking water from the front seat and reducing the need to use bottled water.

Awards and recognition[edit]

Since its inception, Watergen has received praise for its work, including from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who hailed its technology for bringing water "to millions of people in Africa".[23] Fox News host Liz Claman called it "one of the most magical innovations of the 21st century".[24] In a 2018 competition conducted by Israel's Ministry of Economy and Ynet News, in celebration of the country's 70th year of independence, Watergen was selected as one of Israel's top 9 most influential inventions based on votes of over 50,000 participants.[25] Over the years, the company has received the following awards:

  • 2019: Best of Innovation Award and Honoree recipient for Genny home/office water generator, by CES.[26]
  • 2018: World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer[27]
  • 2014: One of the 50 Most Innovative Companies, by Fast Company [28]
  • 2014: Won The European Technology Innovation Leadership Award, Frost & Sullivan
  • Selected as one of Israel’s most influential inventions, by the Ministry of Economy and Industry

External links[edit]

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  • Rosen, Jonathan Weber. "70 years of Israeli ingenuity: What's Israel's top invention?". The Jerusalem Post.
  • "Watergen tech produces clean drinking water in your car". New Atlas. January 9, 2019.


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