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Studio album by Patrick Watson
Released 2001
Genre Indie
Length 47:38
Producer Patrick Watson
Patrick Watson chronology
Just Another Ordinary Day
(2003)Just Another Ordinary Day2003

Waterproof9 is the first and only studio album released by solo artist Patrick Watson, before he joined Simon Angell, Robbie Kuster, and Mishka Stein to form the more well-known Patrick Watson band.

The album was written to accompany Brigitte Henry's Waterproof photobook.[1] Each track on the album shares its title with a photograph from the collection, and one of the photographs, Main Perpétuelle 1, is used on the album cover.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Démon Marin"
  2. "Mascarade"
  3. "Nightfall"
  4. "Huracán"
  5. "Highway to Idaho"
  6. "Main Perpétuelle"
  7. "Sky Dancing"
  8. "The Spell"
  9. "Dark Gift"
  10. [untitled]

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