Watertown Square (MBTA station)

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Watertown Square, Massachusetts bus station showing a route 71 trolley bus taking on passengers at the start of a trip to Harvard Square

Watertown Square in Watertown, Massachusetts is the termination point of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's 71 trackless trolley and 59 bus routes. Buses 70 and 70A pass through Watertown Square, and stop on Main Street on the north side of the bus loop. On Sundays, trackless trolleys are replaced with standard diesel buses. Watertown Square is located directly in the city's center. Nearby attractions include the Armenian Library and Museum of America, the Charles River Bike Path and the Watertown Dam.

A walk over the Watertown Bridge enables a transfer to the Watertown Yard station. Fare vending machines are not present on station grounds. The closest area for access to a fare vending machine is at the convenience store, Store 24 on Main Street.

Coordinates: 42°21′56″N 71°11′08″W / 42.36546°N 71.18564°W / 42.36546; -71.18564