Watson House (Chincoteague Island, Virginia)

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Watson House
Watson House (Chincoteague Island, Virginia) Front 1.jpg
General information
Type Wood
Location 2240 Main Street
Chincoteague, Virginia
Coordinates 37°56′11″N 75°22′19″W / 37.93628°N 75.37189°W / 37.93628; -75.37189Coordinates: 37°56′11″N 75°22′19″W / 37.93628°N 75.37189°W / 37.93628; -75.37189
Construction started 1898[1]

The Watson House is a historic U.S. home located at 4240 Main Street, Chincoteague, Virginia. The house represents a notable example of the Chincoteague architectural style.[1] The Watson family lived in Chincoteague for many generations and Robert Watson and his son David Robert Watson built this house in 1898.[1] The Watson family co-founded the first organized Pony Penning event in 1925 on Chincoteague. The house currently serves as bed and breakfast.


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