Wauhatchie Confederate order of battle

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The following units and commanders fought at the Battle of Wauhatchie of the American Civil War on the Confederate side. The Union order of battle is listed separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the battle,[1] and the reports.[2]

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of Tennessee[edit]

Longstreet's Corps[edit]

LTG James Longstreet

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Hood's Division
     BG Micah Jenkins

Jenkins' Brigade

   Col John Bratton

  • 1st South Carolina: Col Franklin W. Kilpatrick (k)
  • 2nd South Carolina Rifles: Col Thomas Thomson
  • 5th South Carolina: Col Asbury Coward
  • 6th South Carolina: Maj John M. White
  • Hampton's (South Carolina) Legion: Col Martin W. Gary
  • Palmetto (South Carolina) Sharpshooters: Col Joseph Walker
Robertson's Brigade

   BG Jerome B. Robertson

Law's Brigade

   BG Evander M. Law[3]
   Col James L. Sheffield

Benning's Brigade

   BG Henry L. Benning


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  3. ^ Law commanded Robertson's Brigade and his own (see: Law's report)