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Wayne Jacobsen is an American author, best known for He Loves Me!, a nonfiction book about the Love of God. He also collaborated on the writing of The Shack and helped create Windblown Media.[1] He was a pastor for 20 years and a Contributing Editor to Leadership Journal and has authored numerous articles on spiritual formation, relational community and engagement of culture.


Wayne attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK, graduating with honors in 1975 with a bachelor's degree in Biblical Literature. Upon graduation he married the former Sara Fought of Urbana, Ohio who graduated that same year.[2]

Jacobsen began a full-time ministry in 1975 as an Associate Pastor at Valley Christian Center in Fresno, CA—a Foursquare church. In 1980 he and his family moved to Visalia.

Major works[edit]

Jacobsen's books include He Loves Me!,[3] In My Father's Vineyard,[4] Authentic Relationships,[5] So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore (coauthored with Dave Coleman, using joint pseudonym Jake Colsen),[6] The Naked Church,[7] and Tales of the Vine.[8]

As the director of Lifestream Ministries, Jacobsen travels globally teaching on themes of intimacy with God, the Love of God, and relational church life.

Wayne also cohosts a weekly podcast at TheGodJourney.com,[9] and is a mediator on governmental issues involving church and state in educational issues.[10][11][12]


Jacobsen currently resides in Newbury Park, California with his wife, Sara. Wayne and Sara have two children, Julie (born 1978) and Andrew (born 1980), and two grandchildren.

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