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Way is a road, route, path or pathway, including long distance paths like the South Downs Way and the Cotswold Way.

Way may refer to:

  • Way (vessel), a ship's speed or momentum.
  • Wayob, plural form (singular way), spirit companions appearing in mythology and folklore of Maya peoples of the Yucatán Peninsula
  • WAY-FM Network, a network of Christian music radio stations in the United States
  • WAY FM (Michigan), the tradename of a group of radio stations owned by Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • a straight rail or track on a machine tool (such as that on the bed of a lathe) on which part of the machine slides
  • Lake Way, a dry lake in Western Australia
  • afloat, way refers to motion or momentum through the water, hence making way, leeway, and right of way
  • Tao (Chinese: "The Way" 道), a philosophical concept (cf. Taoism)
  • A Way Out (video game), a projected two-player video game


Way is the surname of:

  • Albert Way (1805–1874), English antiquary
  • Ann Way (1915–1993), English actress
  • Anthony Way (born 1982), English singer
  • Brian Way (born 1923), established the Theatre Centre in London, England
  • Charles Way (born 1972), former American football player
  • Damon Way, American businessman
  • Daniel Way (born 1974), American comic book writer
  • Danny Way (born 1974), professional skateboarder
  • Darren Way (born 1979), English footballer and manager
  • DeAndre Way (born 1990), American rapper and music producer better known by his stage name Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
  • Edward Willis Way (ca.1847–1901) Australian medico, brother of Sir Samuel Way
  • Erin Way (born 1987), American actress
  • Rev. James Way (1804–1884), Bible Christian minister in South Australia, father of Edward and Sir Samuel
  • Gerard Way (born 1977), lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance
  • Gregory Holman Bromley Way (1776–1844), English lieutenant-general
  • Isabel Steward Way (1882 - 1973), American writer
  • Kelly-Ann Way (born 1964), Canadian track cyclist and road bicycle racer
  • Mikey Way (born 1980), bassist of the band My Chemical Romance
  • Pete Way (born 1951), rock and heavy metal bass player
  • Sir Richard Way (1914 – 1998), commonly known as Sam Way, British civil servant
  • Sir Samuel Way, 1st Baronet (1836–1916), South Australian jurist, principal of firm Way & Symon

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