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A thoroughfare is a primary passage or way as a transit route through regularly trafficked areas, whether by road on dry land or, by extension, via watercraft or aircraft.[1] Originally, the word referred to a main road or open street which was frequented thoroughly.[2]

Different terms[edit]

  • Highways, public or private road or other public way on land
  • Roads, route or way on land between two places that has been paved or otherwise improved for travel
  • Bridle path, for equestrian use
  • Cycleway, for use by cyclists
  • Footpath, for use only by pedestrians
  • Foreshoreway, a greenway along the edge of the sea, open to both walkers and cyclists
  • Greenway, a wilderness area intended for "passive use"
  • Hiking trail, trails (footpaths), in the countryside
  • Long-distance trails, recreational trail mainly through rural areas used for hiking, backpacking, cycling, horse riding or cross-country skiing
  • Right of way, an easement on a piece of land
  • Running course, a footway used by runners
  • Sidewalk, a path for people to walk along the side of a road
  • Snowshoe trail, a snow trail to be navigated by pedestrians in snowshoes
  • Towpath, a path along a canal or river used for towing a boat
  • Traffic circle, a type of intersection that directs both turning and through traffic onto a one-way circular roadway
  • Trail/Track, a rough path through more wild or remote territory
  • Many other types of road
  • On water, a heavily trafficked route through a strait or channel.[3]
  • Street
  • Stroad

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