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Type of business Private
Type of site
Video editing software as a service
Available in English
Founded April 2011 (2011-04)
Headquarters Menlo Park, California
Key people Jostein Svendsen, John Hallman, John Canning, Bjorn
Website wevideo.com
Launched September 2011 (2011-09)
Current status Active

WeVideo is a U.S.-headquartered Software as a Service company that provides a collaborative video editing platform.[1] The company was formed in 2011 and is based in Menlo Park, California.[2]


WeVideo Inc. was founded in April 2011 initially as Creaza, Inc.[3] Creaza, Inc. owns a related company in Norway called Creaza Education that provides a suite of digital tools for the K-12 market, including comic tools, audio editing, mind-mapping, and video editing applications.[4]

WeVideo publicly launched its services in September 2011, changing its name from Creaza, Inc. to allay any confusion with Creaza Education and to reflect the social and collaborative nature of the platform.[5][6]

Shortly after its 2011 launch, WeVideo was invited by YouTube to become a YouTube Create partner.[7][8] The embedded WeVideo editor is one of a number of solutions offered by YouTube to help users create better video compositions.[9]

In April 2012, WeVideo announced it was a launch partner for Google Drive, Google’s cloud-based collaboration and storage service.[10]

Reception and Awards[edit]

Michael J. Miller of Ziff Brothers Investments cited WeVideo as one of his favorites at the 2011 Demo Fall conference, stating that it "presents a very strong cloud-based consumer video editing solution".[11] Network World also named WeVideo as one of the highlights of the conference, labeling it as something to "keep your eyes on".[12] The Seattle Times praised WeVideo's ability to allow multiple editors to work on the same video, but noted that videos having more than five editors would require a paid membership.[13] Tech evangelist Robert Scoble noted WeVideo’s unique collaboration features and stated “WeVideo is yet another demonstration of how EVERYTHING is changing due to cloud, even video editing”.[14]


Since its inception, WeVideo has received a number of awards, including the following:

  • The DEMOgod award at DEMO Fall 2011, given to the top five presenting companies for the strength of their product, positioning in the market, and presence at the event.[3][15]
  • The 2011 Silicon Valley Tanabata festival.
  • AlwaysOn 2011 OnDemand Top 100 Private Companies.[16]
  • Plug and Play 2012 Hottest Company of the month.[17]
  • Best in show at Digital Living Room and Venture Forum Pitch Competition.[18]
  • AlwaysOn 2012 OnDemand Top 100 Private Companies.[19]
  • AlwaysOn 2012 OnMobile Top 100 Private Companies.[20]
  • AlwaysOn 2012 Global 250 Top Private Companies.[21]


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