We Should Have Gone to University

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We Should Have Gone To University
Compilation album by Reuben
Released 24 August 2009
Genre Alternative
Label Xtra Mile
Reuben chronology
In Nothing We Trust
We Should Have Gone To University
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Thrash Hits 5/6 stars[1]

We Should Have Gone To University is the 2009 three-disc compilation album by the Alternative rock group Reuben. It collects b-sides, rarities and videos from the band over the course of their career.[2][3]

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1[3]
No. Title Previous Release Length
1. "Alpha Signal Seven" Pilot EP  
2. "Words from Reuben" Pilot EP  
3. "Crimson" Pilot EP  
4. "Death of a Star" Pilot EP  
5. "Shambles" Pilot EP  
6. "Scared of the Police" Scared of the Police  
7. "Eating Only Apples" (Single Version) Scared of the Police  
8. "Wooden Boy" Scared of the Police  
9. "Stux (Tell Me It's Alright)" Stux (Tell Me It's Alright)  
10. "Stealing is Easy" Stux (Tell Me It's Alright)  
11. "Banner Held High" Stux (Tell Me It's Alright)  
12. "Lissom Slo" Previously Unreleased  
13. "Let's Stop Hanging Out" (Single Version) Let's Stop Hanging Out  
14. "Alpha Signal Five" Let's Stop Hanging Out  
15. "Numb at Four in the Morning" Let's Stop Hanging Out  
16. "Worn to Be Seen" Previously Unreleased  
17. "Catch" Previously Unreleased  
18. "Stuck in My Throat" (Single Version) Stuck in My Throat  
19. "Doll Fin" Stuck in My Throat  
20. "Scared of the Police" (Live for XFM) Stuck in My Throat  
21. "Once" Freddy Kreuger  
22. "Glitterskin" Freddy Kreuger  
23. "Ways of Staying Pure" Moving to Blackwater  
24. "Miffy in Auschwitz" (BBC Radio 1 Session) Moving to Blackwater  
25. "Enemy" Moving to Blackwater[4]  
Disc 2[3]
No. Title Previous Release Length
1. "Scared of the Police" (Sheldon Version) Previously Unreleased  
2. "Don't Die" Previously Unreleased  
3. "Seated Near" (Floor cover) A Kick in the Mouth  
4. "No Exit Wound" A Kick in the Mouth  
5. "Victim" Keep It to Yourself  
6. "Approaching by Stealth" Keep It to Yourself  
7. "Karin" (Vex Red cover) Keep It to Yourself  
8. "Feel Good Inc." (BBC Radio 1 Session) (Gorillaz cover) Previously Unreleased  
9. "Two Kicks in the Mouth" (XFM Session) Previously Unreleased  
10. "Blitzkrieg" Previously Unreleased  
11. "Girls on Top" (Dreyfuss cover) Blood, Bunny, Larkhall  
12. "What's Good for Me" Blood, Bunny, Larkhall  
13. "Push" Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin  
14. "The Weight of the World" Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin  
15. "Christmas is Awesome" Christmas is Awesome  
16. "Suffocation of the Soul" (BBC Radio 1 Session) Previously Unreleased  
17. "Agony/Agatha" (BBC Radio 1 Session) Previously Unreleased  
18. "The Hand That Feeds" (BBC Radio 1 Session) (Nine Inch Nails cover) Previously Unreleased  
19. "Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin" (Acoustic Version) Previously Unreleased  
20. "Red Machine" Previously Unreleased  
21. "Shambles" (Long Version) TwoByThree EP  
22. "The Last Time" Previously Unreleased  

Disc Three (DVD content)[edit]

Music Videos[edit]

  1. "Wooden Boy"
  2. "Scared Of The Police"
  3. "Stux"
  4. "Let's Stop Hanging Out"
  5. "Stuck In My Throat"
  6. "Freddy Kreuger"
  7. "Moving To Blackwater"
  8. "Blamethrower"
  9. "A Kick In The Mouth"
  10. "Keep It To Yourself"
  11. "Blood Bunny Larkhall"
  12. "Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin"
  13. "Cities On Fire"
  14. "Christmas Is Awesome"
  15. "Blitzkrieg"

Download '07[edit]

Reuben's set on the main stage at Download Festival 2007.

In The Studio[edit]

The band record material, including Lissom Slo, at Jacob's Studio in Farnham.

Europe Tour[edit]

A video diary of their European tour with Billy Talent.

Reuben Talk To Designer Magazine[edit]

The band are interviewed whilst on tour.


Due to a double-tracking technique used to record "Catch", the guitars may cancel each other out when it is played on some stereos. If this occurs, the CD case suggests that the track should be called "Catch (Amazing special rare 'no guitars' mix)".

The final track, "The Last Time", was not meant to be about the band at the time of recording.


  • Jamie Lenman - Guitars, vocals, piano
  • Jon Pearce - Bass, vocals
  • Guy Davis - Drums, vocals