Weapon of Choice (band)

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Weapon of Choice
Genres Nutmeg
Years active 1992-present
Labels Loosegroove, Nuttsactor 5, Funk To The Max, Ter a Terre
Associated acts Marshall Law, Fishbone, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Trulio Disgracias, Macy Gray, Spearhead
Website www.weaponofchoice.net
Members Lonnie "Meganut" Marshall
Marc Rey
Lamont Sydnor
Elizabeth Lea
John Kirby
Past members Keefus Ciancia
Finn Hammer
Tom-bone Ralls
Scott Garrett
Audra Cunningham
Derek "D-Rek" Pierce
Mark Cross
Gabby Lang
Mary Harris
Arik Marshall
James Gray
Zack Najors
Trevor Lawrence
Todd Simon
Tracy Wannomae

Weapon of Choice is a band from Los Angeles fronted by bass player Lonnie Marshall. They play a mixture of rock, alternative, funk, hip hop, jazz and reggae called Nutmeg, a term created by Marshall.[1] Others refer to their music as P-Funk style music.[2][3]

The band was created after the breakup of Marshalls previous band, Marshall Law (which included his brother Arik Marshall, short term member of Red Hot Chili Peppers).[1] The band signed with Stone Gossard's record label Loosegroove after he saw a video for Marshall Law's Uppity Yuppity. The band went to Seattle and recorded their first album Nut-Meg Sez "Bozo the Town" which was released in 1994. They released two more albums with Loosegroove, Highperspice in 1996 and Nutmeg Phantasy in 1998. The later record was compilation released as benefit album for musical instruments in schools. When Loosegrove folded Weapon of Choice were left without a record company.

In 2002 they released Illoominutty (recorded in 1997) on Fishbone's independent label Nuttsactor 5. In 2004 Funk To The Max and Ter a Terre put out another compilation album Color Me Funky. Uno.


  • Lonnie "Meganut" Marshall (bass/lead vocals)
  • Spankie (vocals, bellydance/hiptonite)
  • Marc Rey (guitar)
  • Lamont Sydnor (drums)
  • Elizabeth Lea (trombone, vocals)
  • John Kirby (keys, talkbox)



  • Nut-Meg Sez "Bozo the Town" (1994) Loosegroove / Sony
  • Highperspice (1996) Loosegroove / Sony 550
  • Nutmeg Phantasy (1998) Loosegroove, Compil.
  • Illoominutty (2001) Nuttsactor 5
  • Color Me Funky (2003) Funk To The Max, Ter a Terre, Compil. and 3 new tracks
  • Meganut's WOC Party (2013)
  • rEAllyRelEVANt (2013)
  • tiMelESs (2013)


  • Uncut Nut: 1992-2006 - The Definitive DVD Collection


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