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WebMathematics Interactive (WMI) is an open source mathematics software. It mainly supports solving problems and exercises in mathematics for the age of 14-20. WMI also helps in verifying solutions and discovering skills and level of knowledge. Users need only internet connection and a web browser to use WMI.

Didactical background[edit]

Nowadays ever more people study mathematics in universities or colleges. However, study groups are usually too big for the teacher to help each student to gain a deep understanding of the educational material. The spread of computers and the internet provides a reliable aid for many more students as an 'every day tool'. WMI also supports practicing typical exercises and preparation for the exams.

Technical details[edit]

The WMI program is written in PHP. Many other software are also contained in the underlying software packages, like LaTeX, latex2html, Apache, PostgreSQL, xeukleides and so on.



The software is primarily developed in the University of Szeged (link), Bolyai Institute (link). The project was supported by the Ministry of Informatics and Communications, Hungary, in 2003.

The software[edit]

The most recent version can be downloaded from the Sourceforge server, however it can be used immediately as well.


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