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webMethods Developer
Developer(s) webMethods
Stable release
9.7 / October, 2014
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Integrated Development Environment
License Commercial
Website www.softwareag.com

webMethods Developer is the Java-based Integrated development environment (IDE) for developing code on the webMethods Integration Server.

It allows development in webMethods Flow which is a graphical programming language designed to simplify and speed up integration application development.[1] With version 7 of the webMethods product suite, webMethods Developer started to be replaced by webMethods Designer, an Eclipse-based IDE. This transition has not been finished yet and both products exist side by side.

Note that it does not store code or execute application logic locally as it is merely a client which instructs the Integration Server to perform those actions.

Program Features[edit]

The webMethods Developer provides editing facilities for:[1][2]

  • writing graphical flow and java services (the programming logic)
  • defining and modifying documents and mapping logic
  • testing, debugging and executing services
  • creation and configuration of web services[3]
  • editing adapter service and notifications (used to connect with external systems)

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