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webMethods Glue is an enterprise web services platform from webMethods. It provides web services/SOAP capabilities to existing Java and C/C++ applications.[1]

Developers use the Java-based product to add enterprise web services integration to legacy applications with reduced programming effort.[1] It is an embeddable product (small footprint[2]) that turns a non-web service application into one that exposes its functionality as a web services.[3] Similar to the open source Apache Axis, the Glue product provides a layer of web service interoperability with existing applications.[4]

Product features[edit]

webMethods Glue features include:[2][5]

  • Little or no coding to expose application functionality as a web service
  • Standalone operation if required (does not need an application server)
  • Fast local messaging
  • Transparent Java/XML integration
  • Web services standards support
  • Small memory footprint

Product history[edit]

Created by The Mind Electric, GLUE—as it was then named—was the company's flagship product.[6] They released it in two forms: a free, unsupported "standard" version, and a company-supported but commercially licensed "professional" edition.[4][7]

In September 2003 GLUE featured in a Microsoft Press book, Microsoft .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit.[8]

webMethods acquired the product as part of its merger with The Mind Electric.[6] The merger resulted in rebranding the product with the webMethods prefix to become webMethods Glue.[9]

The webMethods Glue product 6.5.x maintenance ended on May 31, 2010, and support ended a year later.[10]

Release history[edit]


HTTP, Servlets, XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI[1]