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The Radisson Blu Oslo Cup (formerly the Radisson SAS Oslo Cup, the Weber Oslo Cup and just the Oslo Cup) was an annual curling tournament, held in September in Oslo. It was one of the first curling tournaments of the World Curling Tour season. The event was cancelled in 2013.[1]

Past champions[edit]


Year Winning skip Runner-up skip Purse (kr)
2000 Norway Pål Trulsen
2002[2] Canada Paul Gowsell* Norway Thomas Ulsrud  ?
2003[3] Sweden Peja Lindholm Scotland David Murdoch 30,000
2004[4] Norway Pål Trulsen Switzerland Ralph Stöckli 30,000
2005[5] Sweden Nils Carlsén Switzerland Ralph Stöckli 148,000
2006[6] Norway Pål Trulsen Norway Thomas Ulsrud 27,500
2007 Canada Kevin Koe Norway Pål Trulsen 90,000
2008 Norway Thomas Ulsrud Canada Kevin Martin 160,000
2009[7] Sweden Oskar Eriksson Norway Thomas Ulsrud 160,000
2010[8] Sweden Niklas Edin Norway Thomas Ulsrud 160,000
2011[9] Sweden Niklas Edin Scotland Tom Brewster 160,000
2012[10] Sweden Niklas Edin Finland Markku Uusipaavalniemi 160,000

*Gowsell was skipping in place of Kevin Martin on his team.


Year Winning skip Runner-up skip Purse (kr)
2004 Sweden Anette Norberg[11]
2005[12] Canada Sherry Middaugh Switzerland Silvana Tirinzoni
2006[13] Sweden Anette Norberg Switzerland Silvana Tirinzoni 16,150
2007 Canada Jennifer Jones Canada Sherry Anderson 90,000
2008 Scotland Kelly Wood Sweden Anette Norberg 100,000
2009[14] Canada Jennifer Jones Sweden Anette Norberg 100,000
2010[15] Switzerland Mirjam Ott Sweden Anna Hasselborg 100,000
2011[16] Canada Jennifer Jones Sweden Margaretha Sigfridsson 100,000
2012[17] Canada Sherry Middaugh Sweden Margaretha Sigfridsson 100,000


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