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Type of site
Online celebrity, location and business database
Available inEnglish
Alexa rankPositive decrease 366,826 (April 2014)[1]
Current statusActive

Weblo is an online database of virtual domains, locations, property and, most prominently, celebrities across all fields of entertainment, politics and culture including actors, singers, models, politicians and athletes. Weblo allows access from the public and each profile page is edited and maintained by fans.

Weblo is an online replica of the real world, in which users may manage a virtual version of almost anything in reality. They are able to purchase and trade online ownership of states, countries and individual street addresses within the replica of the world. Becoming the weblo president, governor or mayor of the areas in question.[2][3]


Weblo has been accused of being an online ponzi scheme which took in a lot of money from initial investors and then abandoned the project after the majority of locations were sold off. The website, although still online is no longer updated, and most of the functions no longer work other than the public webpages. The discussion forums and many pages all come up as no longer found on server.


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