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Weekes is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ambrose Weekes (1919–2012), British priest, bishop of Gibraltar
  • Anthony Weekes, English Member of Parliament in 1563
  • Claire Weekes (1903–1990), Australian general practitioner and health writer
  • Dallon Weekes (born 1981), American musician, singer, and songwriter.
  • Dan Weekes-Hannah (born 1987), New Zealand-born actor
  • Donald Weekes (born 1930), former English cricketer
  • Elias Weekes (1809–1881), Australian ironmonger and politician
  • Sir Everton Weekes (born 1925), leading former West Indian cricketer
  • Hampton Weekes (1880–1948), English priest who was Archdeacon of the Isle of Wight
  • Harold Weekes (1880–1950), American football player
  • Henry Weekes (1807–1877), English sculptor of the mid-Victorian period
  • Herbert William Weekes (fl. 1864–1904), English genre and animal painter of the Victorian Neoclassical period
  • James Weekes (1911–1977), American sailor and Olympic champion
  • Ken Weekes (1912–1998), West Indian cricketer
  • Kevin Weekes (born 1975), retired Canadian ice hockey goaltender
  • Lesroy Weekes (born 1971), West Indian cricketer who played for the Leeward Islands and English counties
  • Liz Weekes (born 1971), Australian water polo player and Olympic champion
  • Nick Weekes (born 1981), former English cricketer
  • Paul Weekes (born 1969), former English cricketer
  • Randy Weekes (born 1956), Canadian politician
  • William Weekes (died 1806), lawyer and political figure in Upper Canada

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