Weekly Manga Sunday

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Manga Sunday
Weekly Manga Sunday August 22-29 2006 cover.jpg
Cover of 22–29 August 2006 issue.
Categories Seinen manga
Frequency Weekly
First issue August 11, 1959; 58 years ago (1959-08-11)
Final issue February 19, 2013; 4 years ago (2013-02-19)
Company Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Website Official site (archived)

Manga Sunday (Japanese: 漫画サンデー, Hepburn: Manga Sandē), also known by the nickname Mansun (漫サン), is a defunct Japanese weekly seinen manga magazine published by Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha. It started to be published under the name Weekly Manga Sunday (週刊漫画サンデー, Shūkan Manga Sandē) in 1959.[1] On June 5, 2012, it start to be published twice in a month and the "Weekly" was dropped from its name.[2] On February 19, 2013, the last issue was published and the magazine was declared defunct by Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha.[3]

Serialized works[edit]

Listed alphabetically by title.


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