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The Weir formula is a formula used in indirect calorimetry, relating metabolic rate to oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production. According to one source, it says:[1]

Metabolic rate (kcal per day) = 1.44 (3.94 VO2 + 1.11 VCO2)

where VO2 is oxygen consumption in millilitres per minute and VCO2 is the rate of carbon dioxide production in millilitres per minute. The formula can also be written for units of calories per minute:

Metabolic rate (cal per minute) = 3.94 VO2 + 1.11 VCO2

Another source gives[2]

Energy (kcal/min) = (respiration in L/min times change in percentage oxygen) / 20

This corresponds to:

Metabolic rate (cal per minute) = 5 (VO2 in ml/min)


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