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Weld Club
Weld club2.jpg
The Weld Club from Barrack Street
Formation1871 (1871)

The Weld Club is a gentlemen's club in Perth, Western Australia, founded in 1871 by members of the establishment of Perth. It was named after the then Governor of Western Australia, Sir Frederick Weld who was the first patron. The club building was designed by Talbot Hobbs and constructed in 1892.

The club was involved in raising teams in cricket in the 1890s.[1]

It is situated at the corner of The Esplanade and Barrack Street in Perth, immediately across the street from Stirling Gardens. The building has been appraised for conservation work.[2]

It is heritage-listed,[3] and has a number of histories of the club and building published.[4][5][6]

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