Weld County School District Six

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Weld County School District Six is a school district headquartered in Greeley, Colorado, United States. The district serves most of the City of Greeley, the City of Evans, the Town of Garden City, and unincorporated areas in Weld County, including Auburn.


High schools[edit]

Zoned schools

  • Greeley Central High School (Greeley)
  • Greeley West High School (Greeley)
  • Greeley-Evans Alternative Program
  • Northridge High School (Greeley)
  • Jefferson High School (Greeley)

Middle schools[edit]

  • Brentwood Middle (Greeley)
  • Franklin Middle (Greeley)
  • Heath Middle (Greeley)
  • Prairie Heights Middle (Greeley)
  • John Evans Middle (Greeley)

.Bella Romero(Greeley)

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Centennial Elementary (Greeley)
  • Dos Rios Elementary (Greeley)
  • East Memorial Elementary (Greeley)
  • Heiman Elementary (Greeley)
  • Jackson Elementary (Greeley)
  • Madison Elementary (Greeley)
  • Maplewood Elementary (Greeley)
  • Martinez Elementary (Greeley)
  • McAuliffe Elementary (Greeley)
  • Meeker Elementary (Greeley)
  • Monfort Elementary (Greeley)
  • Romero Elementary (Greeley)
  • Scott Elementary (Greeley)
  • Shawsheen Elementary (Greeley)


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