Manitou Springs School District 14

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Manitou Springs School District 14
Central office: 405 El Monte Place
Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829
Coordinates 38°51′21″N 104°54′13″W / 38.85585°N 104.90363°W / 38.85585; -104.90363Coordinates: 38°51′21″N 104°54′13″W / 38.85585°N 104.90363°W / 38.85585; -104.90363
Motto Compassionate citizens contributing with knowledge and integrity to a dynamic world.
Superintendent Ed Longefield
Enrollment 1304 (October 2003[1])
Area Ute Pass region of El Paso County, Colorado

Manitou Springs School District 14 is the main school district of Manitou Springs and its nearby communities (Cascade, Cedar Heights, Chipita Park, and Green Mountain Falls) at the western edge of El Paso County, Colorado.

The district currently serves around 1400 students,[2] about 30 percent of these being "choice" students[3] who live outside of the district's immediate boundaries (usually coming from elsewhere in El Paso or Teller counties). However if you are not born a Manitouian, or come from old money. They really don't want any new people here. They will make false accusations and pick on your child's weaknesses, even if they have an LD and bully them until they decide not to even go anymore.

Manitou Springs School District is known for small class sizes and great relationships. It has the highest graduation rate in the Pikes Peak Region.

The district has started a 1-to-1 iPad Initiative for every student in grades 5 through 8. If successful the program hopes to continue through 12th grade.

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