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The International Welsh Poetry Competition is an annual English language poetry award and the largest[1] of its kind in Wales. The contest was founded in 2007 by Welsh poet and photographer Dave Lewis.

It was launched on St David's Day 2007 in Clwb-Y-Bont, Pontypridd.

The competition's judges, who include Welsh poets, have included John Evans, Mike Jenkins, Eloise Williams, Sally Spedding and Kathy Miles (former Bridport Prize winner).

The organiser, Dave Lewis, has also edited and published three anthologies of all the winners: The First Five Years,[2] Ten Years On[3] and The Third One. In 2020 he also founded the Poetry Book Awards, which seeks to reward poets with a book length collection.

Past winners[edit]

  • 2021 Estelle Price (Wilmslow, England), iii[4]
  • 2020 Sheila Aldous (Devon, England), The Debt Due[5]
  • 2019 Damen O'Brien (Queensland, Australia), The Map-Makers Tale[6]
  • 2018 Judy Durrant (Victoria, Australia), Prayer To A Jacaranda[7]
  • 2017 Rae Howells (Swansea, Wales), Airlings[8]
  • 2016 Tarquin Landseer (London, England), Blackfish[9]
  • 2015 Mick Evans (Carmarthenshire, Wales), Map Makers[10]
  • 2014 Kathy Miles (Cardigan, Wales), The Pain Game[11]
  • 2013 Josie Turner (Kent, England), Rations[12]
  • 2012 Sally Spedding (Ammanford, Wales), She wears green[13]
  • 2011 David J Costello (Wirral, England), Horseshoe Bat[14]
  • 2010 Sally Spedding (Ammanford, Wales), Litzmannstadt 1941[15]
  • 2009 John Gallas (Leicestershire, England), The origami lesson[16]
  • 2008 Emily Hinshelwood (Ammanford, Wales), Visually Speaking[17]
  • 2007 Gavin Price (Cardiff, Wales), Concrete[18]


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