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The Welsh Varsity takes place every year between Cardiff University and Swansea University. The many sports represented at this event include rugby union, hockey, cricket, squash, badminton, lacrosse, rowing, golf, basketball, football, American football, netball, volleyball, fencing and an array of other sports. Profits go to charity. The event is held over the course of a week, with some sports competing over a weekend due to the nature of the sport. The majority of the games are held on the Wednesday afternoon, with the centrepiece rugby union match between the two sides held in the evening and often attended by in excess of 18,000 supporters.[1]

Rugby match[edit]

Over the previous few years, the rugby match has been held in Bridgend at Brewery Field, home of Bridgend RFC, roughly halfway between the two cities. The match has previously been played in Cardiff Arms Park and St Helens, returning to Cardiff Arms Park for the 2007, 2008 and 2009 matches. The 2010 match was played at Swansea's Liberty Stadium for the first time. The 2011 match was held at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, the national stadium of Wales.

Winners of rugby match[edit]

Year Location Winner/Holder Swansea Cardiff Attendance
1997 (10/03/97) Cardiff Arms Park Swansea 26 11 984
1998 (19/11/97) St Helen's Swansea 49 13 1,600
1999 Cardiff Arms Park Swansea 17 13 unknown
2000 St Helen's Swansea 28 18 3,300
2001 Cardiff Arms Park Swansea 10 10 2,900
2002 St Helen's Swansea 21 3 3,100
2003 Brewery Field Cardiff 12 19 3,000
2004 Brewery Field Swansea 25 11 2,900
2005 Brewery Field Swansea 16 8 3,300
2006 Brewery Field Cardiff 5 15 3,600
2007 Cardiff Arms Park Swansea 18 0 5,200[2]
2008 Cardiff Arms Park Cardiff 9 19 8,100[3]
2009 Cardiff Arms Park Cardiff 6 9 10,800
2010 Liberty Stadium Swansea 16 12 11,400
2011 Millennium Stadium Swansea 28 18 14,789
2012 Millennium Stadium Cardiff 13 33 15,622
2013 Millennium Stadium Swansea 21 13 14,103
2014 Millennium Stadium Swansea 19 15 15,835
2015 Liberty Stadium Cardiff 22 27 16,875+[4]
2016 Liberty Stadium Swansea 16 10 20,435
2017 Principality Stadium Cardiff 35 15 unknown

The Welsh Boat Race[edit]

The inaugural Welsh Boat Race was held in 2006. The Welsh Boat Race has continued to grow due to support from the respective athletic unions, and sponsorship deals. The venue for the boat race has historically been the River Taff, but the venue for 2010 was the River Tawe. The event has, so far, been held on a Wednesday to coincide with the other Varsity games but due to increasing popularity from alumni, parents and the general public, the event has now been moved to the weekend.


The Hockey[edit]

The Men's hockey fixture has featured many past and current international players and historically is a Cardiff dominated fixture. The quality of university hockey in Wales has improved in recent times with both sides now representing their universities in the Western Premiership. Swansea University's first varsity match was in 1924 against Bangor University, the match ended 2-0 to Swansea. The 2016 match was covered by Galvanised Hockey.[5]