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Wen Spencer (born 1963) is an American science fiction and fantasy writer whose books center on characters with unusual abilities. In 2003, she was the winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.[1]

Spencer was raised on a family farm in Evans City, Pennsylvania and attended the University of Pittsburgh, earning a degree in Information science, and has been active in science fiction fandom.[citation needed] Her Ukiah Oregon series features a partly alien character with gentle nature, powerful abilities, and dangerous, werewolfesque relatives. Her novel Tinker features a young woman of extraordinary brilliance who is turned into an elf. A Brother's Price posits a world where the gender birth ratio is skewed heavily towards baby girls.

Wen Spencer accepting the Campbell Award at the 2003 World Science Fiction Convention in Toronto

Published works[edit]

Ukiah Oregon series[edit]

  1. Alien Taste (2001),[2] Compton Crook Award winner[3]
  2. Tainted Trail (2002)[4]
  3. Bitter Waters (2003)[5]
  4. Dog Warrior (2004)[6]

Tinker (Elfhome) series[edit]

  • Fantasy novels set in near-future Pittsburgh and Elfhome
  1. Tinker (2003),[7] 2004 Sapphire Award for the Best Science Fiction Romance novel[8]
  2. Wolf Who Rules (2006)[9]
  3. Elfhome (2012)[10][11]
  4. Wood Sprites (2014)[12]
  • Project Elfhome - (2016) Collection of novelettes and short stories from the Elfhome series
  • Steel City MagicScience Fiction Book Club omnibus edition of Tinker and Wolf Who Rules (April 2006)
  • Short stories set in the Elfhome Universe

Stand-alone novels[edit]

Short stories[edit]

  • set in the Elfhome Universe
  • "Once Upon a Toad" in Fantastic Companions (2005)
  • "Another Man's Meat" in Triangulation 2004: A Confluence of Speculative Fiction (2004)
  • "Moon Monkeys" in Adventures in Sol System (2004)
  • "Rituals for a New God" in Turn the Other Chick (2004)
  • "Young Robots in Love" in Triangulation 2003: A Confluence of Speculative Fiction (2003)
  • "Protection Money" in Jim Baen's Universe (2006), (later part of Elfhome #3)


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