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Wendel Roskopf the Elder (1480 – 15 or 25 June 1549) was a stonemason and master builder.

Wendel Roskopf was born in Franconia. From 1523 to 1546 he was a council member in the town of Görlitz and from 1526 was also the Ratsbaumeister (town council's chief builder). He died in Görlitz, aged about 69.


After Görlitz burned down in 1525, in 1526 Roskopf built the Schönhof, the town's first Renaissance building - it was restored in 2006 to house the town's Schlesisches Museum. From 1537 to 1539 he also headed the construction of the Rathaustreppe. He also designed the Archivflügel (archives wing) of the Rathaus. He owned the house whose address is now Bierhof Rosengasse 4.


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