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Wendy Colonna is an American Singer-songwriter originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana.[1] Her albums include Red (2003), Right Where I Belong (2005), Old New Borrowed & Blue (2007), We Are One (2010), and "Nectar."

She was voted "Best Singer Songwriter" in Austin (Austin American Statesman).[citation needed]

Louisiana Native and Austin, Texas resident, Wendy Colonna has a signature voice of grit-infused-honey and her songs echo swampy-southern tales of loss, mortality, joy, reclaimed innocence and celebration.

Most recently, Coca-Cola released an Ad with music written and performed by Wendy that made it to the top of Adweek. The ad has been warmly received by critics and fans with over 175k YouTube views. Wendy has released a full length single of the song, “A Happy Song” exclusively on iTunes.

Colonna’s latest album, Nectar, released in fall 2013 has had coverage by many notable media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, American Songwriter, NPR's Beale Street Caravan, No Depression, Lone Star Music, Buddy Magazine, (cover story), WFUV's Sunday Breakfast (NYC) and more.

In 2014 Songs from Nectar were featured in heavy rotation on Starbucks Coffee in-store playlists across the US.

The San Antonio Express-News has noted the “soulful grit” and “tender-tough abilities” of Wendy’s distinctive southern voice, which The Austin Chronicle describes as “smoky” and “alluring.”


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