Wendy Schaetzel Lesko

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Wendy Schaetzel Lesko
Occupation Author, Nonprofit executive
Nationality American
Subject Youth activism, Youth studies
Spouse Matthew Lesko

Wendy Schaetzel Lesko is the executive director of the Youth Activism Project. Lesko is an author of several books on youth-led advocacy, especially in the public policy arena, and recognized nationally as a youth voice expert.[1]


During Lesko's last two years at Rollins College, she created a recreational program for 100 children of Florida orange pickers about 45 minutes from campus.[2] After graduating, she worked for Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers.[1] Her career has included working as the managing editor of the Congressional Monitor, and starting "Today on the Hill," a live daily broadcast focused on action in Congress, for WTOP in Washington, D.C..

Lesko lives in Kensington, Maryland with her husband Matthew Lesko and their two sons, Max and Morgan. Wendy met Matthew in 1982 while she was working at the Congressional Monitor.[3]

Lesko launched the influential Activism 2000 Project in 1992.[4] She is an adult advisor for School Girls Unite in Maryland,[5] and on advisory boards for several organizations, including CommonAction.[6]


  • Maximum Youth Involvement: The Complete Gameplan for Community Action (2003) Published by Youth Activism Project. ASIN: B0006SBDI4
  • No Kidding Around: Americas Young Activists Are Changing Our World and You Can Too! (1992) Published by Information USA. ISBN 978-1-878346-10-0
  • Youth! The 26% Solution (1998) with Emanuel Tsourounis. Published by Information USA. ISBN 978-1-878346-47-6
  • Knock-Your-Socks-Off Training Teens To Be Successful Activists!The Complete Guide For Facilitating A 1-2 Hour Workshop. Published by Youth Activism Project.
  • Youth Advocacy Module Published by U.S. Health & Human Service.
  • Student Activist Training Action Guide Published by Mothers Against Drunk Driving & U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.
  • Youth Empowerment Question Why Published by North Carolina Department of Health.
  • Youth As Equal Partners with Adam Kendall. Published by United Way of America.
  • The People Rising: The Campaign Against the Bork Nomination (1989) with Michael Pertschuk. Published by Thunder's Mouth Press. ISBN 978-0-938410-89-8
  • The Maternity Sourcebook: 230 Basic Decisions for Pregnancy, Birth, and Baby Care. (1984) Published by Warner Books. ISBN 978-0-446-37525-2
  • The Maternity Sourcebook. (1985) (Reissue) with Matthew Lesko. Published by Warner Books. ISBN 978-0-446-38375-2


Lesko has been recognized by diverse publications from across the nation, such as The Washington Post, and the Houston Chronicle, among others. She also received WETA-TV’s "Hometown Heroes" Award in 2004.[7]


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