Wernya rufifasciata

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Wernya rufifasciata
Wernya fufifasciata Yoshimoto, 1987 (15132249510).jpg
Wernya fufifasciata Yoshimoto, 1987 (15295892426).jpg
Scientific classification
W. rufifasciata
Binomial name
Wernya rufifasciata
Yoshimoto, 1987

Wernya rufifasciata is a moth in the family Drepanidae. It was described by Yoshimoto in 1987.[1] It is found in Taiwan.[2]

The wingspan is 42–47 mm. The forewings are pale grey to greyish plumbeous, with both antemedian and postmedian areas diffusely suffused with pale rufous. The basal area is pale grey, sparsely frosted with whitish scales and there is a thick black line at the base, with black striae on the subcosta and on the submedian fold. The subbasal line is double, black and filled in with white. The inner line is conspicuous, while the outer line is somewhat diffuse and outwardly oblique from the costa to the median nervure. The antemedian line is also double and the space between the subbasal and antemedian lines is darkened above the median nervure and diffusely tinged with pale rufous below it. The median area is pale greyish. The hindwings are pale ochreous brown with a paler median line.[3]


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