Wesson Attendance Center

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Wesson Attendance Center
Wesson, Mississippi (Copiah County)
United States
Coordinates 31°51′34″N 90°24′14″W / 31.85938°N 90.40386°W / 31.85938; -90.40386Coordinates: 31°51′34″N 90°24′14″W / 31.85938°N 90.40386°W / 31.85938; -90.40386
Type Public all grades
Motto "Once a cobra, always a cobra"
School district Copiah County School District
Principal Mrs. Marilyn Phillips
Grades K-12
Number of students 1,100
Color(s) blue and white
Athletics football, soccer, tennis, baseball, softball, basketball
Mascot Cobra

Wesson Attendance Center is a K-12 school in Wesson, Mississippi.


Wesson Attendance Center is one of four schools that make up the Copiah County School District.[1]


In 2007 students at this high school won the 2A state golf championship.[2]

Gender discrimination lawsuit[edit]

In 2009, an honor student named Ceara Sturgis submited a photograph of herself wearing a tuxedo for the senior yearbook. School officials told her that her picture was inappropriate on the basis of her clothing not matching her gender.[3][4][5] The school chose to exclude Sturgis from the yearbook.[6] Sturgis claims that she was removed from the yearbook because she is a lesbian.[7] She has alleged that the school discriminated against her.[6]

The ACLU filed a lawsuit against the school district on behalf of Sturgis.[8] Sturgis graduated from Wesson Attendance Center in May 2010.[8] In December 2011, the ACLU settled the lawsuit after the school district agreed to require all students to pose in caps and gowns for the yearbook.[9]


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