West End Pond

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Map of Anguilla showing the pond near the south-western end of the island

West End Pond is a wetland in Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the territory’s Important Bird Areas (IBAs).


The pond is a 19 ha brackish lagoon in the West End district, near the south-western end of the main island, and was historically used for salt production. It has a marl substrate and rocky shoreline and is divided by a culverted causeway that provides access to tourism development along the beach at Shoal Bay West. The eastern basin of the pond is roughly circular and about 370 m across, while the western section is longer and narrower. It is mostly surrounded by stands of black, white and buttonwood mangroves.[1]


The IBA was identified as such by BirdLife International because it supports populations of royal and common terns, Caribbean elaenias and Lesser Antillean bullfinches.[1]


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Coordinates: 18°16′05″N 63°16′28″W / 18.26806°N 63.27444°W / 18.26806; -63.27444