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West Richland Community Unit School District 2 was a unified school district located in the southern Illinois village of Noble. Noble, in turn, is located in the western region of Richland County; The geographical location of the district is the district's namesake, and it serves its county alongside its counterpart, East Richland Community Unit School District 1. The school district is composed of three schools; one elementary school, one junior high school, and one senior high school. West Richland Elementary School, the most populous of the district schools, serves all students from kindergarten to grade seven; it also includes a prekindergarten program, which is considered separate from the school. Both are headed by principal Bernie Rusk.[1] Graduates of West Richland Elementary School move on to West Richland Junior High School, the least populous school in the district, to take eighth grade. The last branch of education to be had in this district is in West Richland High School, which educates those in grades nine through twelve under the supervision of principal Kevin Westall. The district superintendent is Anthoy Galindo,[2]and the district mascot is the wildcat.[3]

Activities in the district include a varsity Scholar Bowl team, baseball, basketball, softball, and volleyball teams.[3] In the high school in particular, clubs include a yearbook committee, a local FFA chapter led by Ethan Keyser, a student council, and various activities meant to enhance career success. Also science club is led by Martin Dunn.[4]

As of July 1, 2015, West Richland CUSD 2 was merged into Richland County Community Unit School District 1.[5]


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