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A screenshot of outlaws trying to rob the bank.
Developer(s) Rake In Grass
Publisher(s) Rake In Grass
Platform(s) iPhone OS
Release May 22, 2009
Genre(s) Casual game
Mode(s) Single-player

Westbang is a Wild West game for the iPhone, based on the 1984 arcade game Bank Panic.


The player has to protect the town's bank from robbers. The bank has three or four doors that open randomly and show either outlaws or customers. The player has to make sure that they only shoot the outlaws. There are also western draws. The player can only shoot when the criminal draws first. There are 25 levels and new types of outlaws on each one.[1]


Matt Fox, of App Advice, said that the game is entertaining, addicting, and worth people's money.[2] Torbjorn Kamblad, of TouchGen, said that he liked the game even though it offered nothing new compared to the many other shooting gallery games for the iPhone.[3]

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