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Westbank Hospital at Podrah on Andul road, Howrah

Westbank Hospital and its sister hospital West Bank Health and wellness instituteare two multi-specialty hospitals in Andul Road, Howrah, West Bengal, India. Its proximity to Kolkata attracts patients from the metropolis. It is located near important roads connecting rural Bengal with Kolkata. It has a 24/7 consultant led service. The hospital has 150 beds in unit 1 and 250 beds in unit 2.

The hospitals are a subsidiary of Meridian Medical Research & Hospital Limited, a public limited company, which has been acquired by the Narayana Health group in 2014.


"Meridian Medical Research and Hospital Ltd. (MMRHL) was incorporated in 1995 as a Public Limited company. It currently runs one 150 bed multispecialty hospital under the name West Bank Hospital at Andul Road, Howrah, West Bengal and another 250 bed unit at the outskirts of Kolkata. The commercial operations of the existing hospital started in the year 1998. The hospital caters to patients from the suburban areas of West Bengal.

MMRHL was formed by a group of NRI doctors in the Howrah district of West Bengal. The project was funded majorly by a NRI businessman Mr. Bicky Chakraborty, who also runs a chain of hotels and pubs in Sweden.

All the previous shareholders have transferred their shares to Narayana Health in 2014.