Westcott Field

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Westcott Field

Westcott Field is a stadium in University Park, Texas (an enclave of Dallas) on the campus of Southern Methodist University.

The 4,000-seat stadium is home to SMU men's and women's soccer. SMU has some fame in the American soccer community as being the only major university in Texas to field a men's NCAA Division I soccer team, even though the game is tremendously popular at the youth level statewide, and the Texas youth soccer scene is heralded nationwide.

Westcott field was used as a training facility during the 1994 FIFA World Cup. The Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, and Sweden trained at Westcott.

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Coordinates: 32°50′23″N 96°46′56″W / 32.839733°N 96.782317°W / 32.839733; -96.782317