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For comics in the western genre, see Western comics.
The cover of the comic featuring a character.
Publication information
Publisher Le Lombard (French)
Cinebook (English)
Format Ongoing series
Genre Graphic novel for
young adults
No. of issues 1 (in French)
1 (in English)
Creative team
Written by Jean Van Hamme
Artist(s) Grzegorz Rosinski

Western is a Franco-Belgian one shot comic written by Jean Van Hamme, illustrated by Grzegorz Rosinski and published by Le Lombard in French and Cinebook in English.


In this comic, Ambrosius Van Deer comes to Fort Laramie to meet Jess Chisum, a young man who claims he's found Van Deer's nephew Eddie. Ten years before, Edwyn Van Deer had disappeared after his family was killed in a Lakota raid. The proof of his identity is a silver watch with a picture of his parents. However, fate has other plans than a happy family reunion, and the events of that day set in motion a tragedy 15 years in the making.[1]


Western - May 2001 ISBN 2-8036-1662-9


Cinebook Ltd plans to publish Western in June 2011[2]


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