Western Slovenia

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Western Slovenia
Zahodna Slovenija
Country  Slovenia
 • Total 8,061 km2 (3,112 sq mi)
Population [2]
 • Total 933,800
 • Density 120/km2 (300/sq mi)
NUTS code SI02
GDP per capita (PPS) € 24,900 (2006)[3]

Western Slovenia (Zahodna Slovenija) is one of the two NUTS-2 Regions of Slovenia. The region forms the western part of the country and includes the cities of Ljubljana, Koper, Kranj and Nova Gorica. It is the richer of the two regions of Slovenia and its GDP per capita is 105.4% of the European Union average (€24,900 per year).

Western Slovenia (SI02) is divided into the following statistical regions:


Coordinates: 46°06′00″N 14°09′00″E / 46.10000°N 14.15000°E / 46.10000; 14.15000