Western Wildcats Hockey Club

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Western Wildcats Hockey Club
Full name Western Wildcats Hockey Club
Short name Western Wildcats
Founded 1898
Ground Auchenhowie
Website Club website


Western, established originally in the West End of Glasgow, played hockey in that district for 70 years, during which time they never succeeded in finding a permanent ground which they could call their home. Nevertheless, they maintained their position as a prominent club in the West of Scotland and were highly regarded throughout Scotland. From the earliest times they have provided many Scottish internationalists.

After the second World War the club continued to prosper, fielding four teams regularly every weekend. But it was in 1968 that the major change occurred when the club became a fully integrated part of Milngavie and Bearsden Sports Club. This was a step of great significance, providing financial stability to the Sports Club and a permanent home for Western. With the requirement that top class hockey be played on artificial surfaces the first privately owned artificial hockey pitch was laid at Auchenhowie in 1994 providing unrivalled facilities to Western players and contributing significantly to the improvement of playing standards throughout the club.

Over the past twenty years or so, Western has promoted a deliberate youth policy to interest local boys and girls in the game of hockey. Coaching has been provided on a regular basis with games and mini tournaments for the various age ranges from 8 year-olds to 17 year-olds. The Junior Section has had a distinguished record with many of these juniors have achieved international recognition at their age levels and now play for the senior sides in the club.

The club now fields six men's teams and three women's each Saturday with occasional games for a veteran side.[1]


Club Honours[edit]


Scottish League championships

1997,1998,1999, 2000, 2001, 2003,2004


Scottish Cup winners

1986, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2011

League Cup Winners



1996 - 1997 B Divn Cup Winners – Bronze – 3rd - Cardiff

1997 - 1998 C Divn League – Gold - 1st - Milngavie

1998 - 1999 B Divn League – Bronze- 3rd - Milan

1999 - 2000 B Divn League – Gold – 1st - Belfast

2000 - 2001 A Divn League - 5th - Bloemendaal

2001 - 2002 A Divn League - 7th - Antwerp

2002 - 2003 B Divn Cup Winners – Gold – 1st- Hostivar

2003 - 2004 B Divn League – Gold – 1st - Prague

2004 - 2005 A Divn League - 7th - Amsterdam

2005 - 2006 A Divn Cup Winners – 7th – Reading

2006–2007 B Divn Cup Winners – Gold 1st - Prague

2007 - 2008 DNC

2008 - 2009 Euro Hockey League

2009 - 2010 DNC

2010 - 2011 European Trophy - 7th - Rome

International Players Past and Present (Since 1985)[edit]

Neil Menzies, Hunter R.J., Callaghan M., Aitken J., Niall Sturrock, Gary Thomson, Kevin Squire, Calum Macleod, Roddy Philp, Kevin Squire, Ritchie Forsyth, Michael Starling, Gordon Moore, Alister MacDougal, Michael Carnaghan, Euan Miller, Vishal Marwaha, Graham Joyce, Stuart McMorrow, Barry Kane, Scott Macartney, Kris Kane, Graham Moodie, Andrew Sewnauth, Douglas Simpson, David Mitchell, Graham Dunlop, David Mansouri, Joe Simpson, Grant McCallum, Ian Moodie, Gavin Sommerville, Kareena Marshall.

Woman's Section[edit]

Western Wildcats woman have been in existence for just over 10 years.

Womans I XI - NL Division 1 Womans II XI - West District Division 2 Womans III XI - West District Division 3


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