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Westminster was a provincial electoral district in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It appeared in the 1890 election only. In 1894 it was succeeded by Westminster-Chilliwhack, Westminster-Delta, Westminster-Dewdney, and Westminster-Richmond, which were in the 1898 election succeeded by ridings named similarly, but without the "Westminster".

NB This provincial riding is not to be confused with the federal Westminster District riding which appeared only in the 1917 election (it was succeeded by the Fraser Valley riding.


Population, 1961
Population change, 1871–1961
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Political Geography and History[edit]

In the early 1880s the Lower Fraser Valley south and east of the city of New Westminster was largely unpopulated, with voters there voting in one of the two New Westminster ridings (New Westminster or New Westminster City). With the opening of the Canadian Pacific Railway settlement of the lush Fraser Valley lands was rapid, and a new more rural riding - Westminster - was created spanning the entire lower Fraser from Richmond to Chilliwack. Increasing growth led to the riding's further subdivision for the 1894 election into four sub-ridings, Westminster-Chilliwhack, Westminster-Delta, Westminster-Dewdney and Westminster-Richmond. The successor ridings dropped the Westminster-prefix for the 1903 election.

The name Westminster in the riding's name derives not so much from these areas being dependent on the city of New Westminster, but because it and all its successor ridings are all in the New Westminster Land District (beyond Chilliwack is the Yale Land District).

Notable elections[edit]

Notable MLAs[edit]

Electoral history[edit]

Note: winners in each election in bold.

6th British Columbia election, 1890
Party Candidate Votes % ± Expenditures
Government John Calvin Henderson 349 12.18% unknown
  Independent Arthur Herring 81 2.83% unknown
Government John A. Kirkland 420 14.65% unknown
Opposition Thomas Edwin Kitchen 503 17.55% unknown
  Independent James Punch 484 16.89% unknown
Government John Robson1 506 17.66% unknown
Opposition Marshall Sinclair 62 2.16% unknown
  Independent Colin Buchanan Sword 461 16.08% unknown
Total valid votes 2,866 100.00%
Total rejected ballots
Turnout %

1 Incumbent Premier of BC