Westminster Area Community Awareness Action Team

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Westminster Area Community Awareness Action Team (C.A.A.T.)
Logo for Westminster Area Community Awareness Action Team.jpg
Logo for Westminster Area C.A.A.T.
TypeNonprofit Corporation
Registration no.19871719760
FocusDrug Abuse Prevention
Area served
City of Westminster, Adams County School District No. 50

Westminster Area Community Awareness Action Team is 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the City of Westminster, Colorado.[1]

Taken from the group's bylaws:

"The corporation believes that the use of drugs by our nation's young is a societal problem. Therefore, all segments of society must be involved in its solution. With parents, health professionals, law enforcement officials, court officials, educators, legislators, media, business, government agencies, religious groups, concerned individuals, and young people themselves, working collectively toward a common goal, the goal can be achieved. A commitment is needed by each of us if our young people are to have the opportunity to grow up drug free."


Westminster Area CAAT was formed in 1981 with the name Westminster-District 50 DARE. The organization changed their name to Westminster Area CAAT on April 18, 1989.[2]


Westminster Area CAAT plans and organizes several events that recur monthly and annually in order to support its mission of promoting a healthy, drug-free lifestyle in the community.

Red Ribbon Week[edit]

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated every year from October 23–31. Westminster CAAT offers several resources to community schools in order that they observe this event. For many years, both the City of Westminster and Adams County School District 50 have issued a proclamation designating the observation of Red Ribbon Week.[3]

School / Community Meetings[edit]

Meetings occur monthly from September to May. Attendees include area school administrators, personnel, parents, law enforcement, community agencies and nonprofit organizations. Members of the community are encouraged to attend. Topics range from bullying, substance abuse, drug trends, recreational marijuana legalization, human trafficking, and gang activity.

Just Say No Week[edit]

Just Say No Week is held every year during the first week of May. Many activities occur throughout the school district, including the sponsoring of a poster contest by Westminster Area CAAT. Students in first through fifth grade are encouraged to submit a poster that artistically portrays the theme of that year's Just Say No Week.[4]

Youth Conference[edit]

Year Theme Keynote Speaker(s)
2014 November Keeping My Selfie Drugfree! Shaun Derik
2014 March Are You in Control? Keith Davis, Josh Sosa
2013 Like Me for Me, Because I'm Drug Free Johan, JP Butler
2012 Be Your Own Hero
2011 Embrace Your Inner Child
2010 Not Held "No Speaker"
2009 Who's On Your Team? Susie Vanderlip
2008 Is It In You...To Live Above The Influence
2007 What's On Your Playlist?
2006 Another Generation of Drug Free Heroes
2005 ALOHA: We Welcome A Drug-Free Lifestyle
2004 Be Smart, Be Strong, Be Drug-Free...Survive
2003 Being Drug Free...Priceless
2002 Look In The Mirror: Can You Live With What You Don't See?
2001 It's My Anti-Drug
2000 Choose Carefully, Stay Smart
1999 Character Becomes Destiny
1998 Life. Where Are You @?
1997 Catch The Wave - Positive Drug Free Attitude
1996 Life Doesn't Have A Reset Button
1995 Dare To Dream
1994 Drugs Are Not An Option...Life Is
1993 Strength In You-th
1992 Electric Youth
1991 Peer Energy
1990 Too Good For Drugs

Positions on Issues[edit]

Amendment 64[edit]

Westminster Area CAAT adopted an opposing position on ballot measure Amendment 64, which would allow the "personal use and regulation of marijuana" for adults 21 and over in Colorado.[5]

Funding / Awards[edit]

For the year 2012, Westminster Area CAAT has received competitively awarded small grants from the Legacy Foundation and Wells Fargo (third year awarded).

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