Wheeler High School (Connecticut)

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Wheeler High School is a small public high school located on Norwich-Westerly Road (Route 2) in North Stonington, Connecticut. In terms of enrollment, it is one of the state's smallest public school, serving approximately 190 students in grades 9 through 12. It shares its buildings and facilities, including the gymatorium located on the opposite side of Route 2, with Wheeler Middle School.


Wheeler High School occupies a continuous red-brick building that houses the middle school, high school, shared media center, and shared cafeteria/multi-purpose room. The red cinder-block gymatorium (gymnasium/auditorium) is located across Route 2 and is connected to the main campus by a tunnel that runs under the two-lane highway.

Also on the opposite side of the road are the sports fields, including a soccer field ringed by a crushed asphalt track, a softball field, a baseball field, and a practice field that is used by the lacrosse and soccer teams as well as the physical education classes. The baseball and softball fields are unique in that they do not have outfield fences, and every ball hit in fair territory is essentially in play. The playing fields and track are also used by the North Stonington Elementary School (grades K-5), located adjacent to the gymatorium, for physical education classes and field days.


Coordinates: 41°26′23″N 71°53′10″W / 41.4398°N 71.886°W / 41.4398; -71.886