Whip snake

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Whip snake may refer to:


  • Ahaetulla, endemic to southern Asia, from India to Vietnam
  • Demansia, endemic to Australia, Papua New Guinea, and nearby islands
  • Hemorrhois, endemic to the western Mediterranean, west, central, and southern Asia
  • Hierophis, endemic to southern Europe
  • Masticophis, endemic to the Americas
  • Psammophis, endemic to Africa and Asia


  • Caspian whipsnake (Dolichophis caspius), found in the Balkans and Eastern Europe
  • Red whip snake (Platyceps collaris), found in Bulgaria and the Levant
  • Suta dwyeri, found in Australia from New South Wales to South Queensland
  • White-lipped snake (Drysdalia coronoides), found in Tasmania and southeastern Australia