Whistle for Willie

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Whistle for Willie
Whistle for Willie.jpeg
First edition
AuthorEzra Jack Keats
IllustratorEzra Jack Keats
CountryUnited States
GenreChildren's picture book
Publication date
Pages(unpaginated) 32

Whistle for Willie is a 1964 children's picture book by American author and illustrator Ezra Jack Keats.


The protagonist, Peter, wants to be able to call his dog Willie by whistling. Although it hurts him after a while he doesn't give up and eventually succeeds.


Whistle for Willie has been used to educate children.[1][2][3]

Ann Marie Sammataro of Common Sense Media said that it 'celebrates a child's ingenuity'.[4] Kirkus Reviews stated, 'The Caldecott prize winner has captured in words and eye-stopping pictures a big day in a small boy's life...'[5]


In 1964, Jan Harvey narrated and played the characters in the cartoon film.


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