White Box Robotics

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White Box Robotics
Industry Robotics
Founded 2000
Founder Thomas Burick
Products Robots
Website www.whiteboxrobotics.com
914 PC-Bot

White Box Robotics was founded in 2000 by Thomas Burick.[1]

In 2005, White Box was acquired by Frontline Robotics[2] of Ottawa, Canada and in working together the company designed, developed, manufactured and launched the 914 PC-BOT the first of the 9-series robots, a general service robot designed for digital life in the home, at work and at play.[3][4][5] Released to early market in December, 2006 and shown as part of the Digital Life Show in New York the 914 PC-BOT won "Best of Show: Future Technology" award.[6][7]

In 2007 a strategic partnership between Heathkit and White Box Robotics, South Korea was formed to sell the HE-RObot a badge-engineered version of the 914 PC-Bot[8]

In 2014 the PC-Bot line was discontinued after Cohort Systems Inc's acquisition of White Box Robotics and Frontline Robotics.[9]



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