Whiteflag Project

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Whiteflag Project
Origin Israel
Genres World music
Years active 2006–present
Labels Jazzis Records
Website www.whiteflagmusic.com
Members Mark Smulian
Gani Tamir
Zaher Abdul Jawad
Arli Liberman
Aaron Shneyer
Katja Cooper

Whiteflag Project is a band of Jewish musicians from Israel and Arab musicians from the Gaza Strip. They are a one of a kind 'world fusion' band formed within the most conflicting areas of the Middle East – Israel and Palestine. Their songs are sung in the band members' native tongues of Arabic, Hebrew and English. Their collaboration as a band has endured many political difficulties as a result of the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict.


Since their formation 2006 Whiteflag Project have performed in various international festivals[1] and concerts. Their existence as a band has demonstrated that music can unite people of different cultural and political backgrounds that are in conflict with one another.


Year Appearances
2009 Tour of East Coast of US Universities
2008 Creation of Peace Festival, Kazan, Russia
2008 Amnesty International[2] Performance


Date Album Label
2007 Talk [3] Jazzis Records


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