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Whitey is a drug slang term for when a recreational drug user, as a direct or indirect result of drug use (usually cannabis), begins to feel faint. The term comes from the way one's skin turns pale during and after a fainting episode. While fainting is usually only a problem for those with low blood pressure, it can become possible for those without hypotension to faint after using cannabis or other drugs which have the short-term effect of lowering the blood pressure.

Whiteying is perceived by the stoner subculture as the result of using too much cannabis within too short a period of time. In fact the factors that usually facilitate fainting are tiredness, lack of fluids, and food, a hot and humid environment, as well as natural hypotension. They are just as important as the amount of cannabis involved. Moreover of note is that a frequent occurrence of these symptoms is likewise preceded by the consumption of cannabis or hashish mixed with tobacco and that the initial symptoms of nicotine poisoning are similar in scope.[1] Therefore, one can, "Throw" or "Chuck" a "Whitey," having used only what may be regarded as a perfectly moderate dosage. Whiteying sometimes involves vomiting and shakiness. These episodes generally only last around 15–20 minutes, and often are followed by a 'come down' the next morning.

Popular culture[edit]

In the UK cannabis television documentary, Stoned in Suburbia, former international cannabis smuggler Howard Marks refers to an episode where he "whiteyed" after engaging in a smoking competition with some Germans on a book-promoting visit to Germany.