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Wichling (otherwise Wychling[1]) is a civil parish within the local government district of Maidstone, in England. The parish lies approximately 10 miles (16 km) to the east of Maidstone. It lies near the top of the ridge of the North Downs and consists mainly of isolated farms and houses: the population is therefore small in number.

Woodland near Wichling
photographed June 2006

Wichling is mentioned in the Domesday Book as "Winchelsmere"; there is a parish church, its earliest part dating to the 12th century, dedicated to St Margaret.[2] Wichling's is located near the village of Chequers Hill. It has a connecting road going through it the 'Faversham Road' connecting Wichling to the M2 in the North.


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Coordinates: 51°16′05″N 0°44′42″E / 51.268°N 0.745°E / 51.268; 0.745