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Wiebe van der Vliet-van Trotsenburg
Born Wiebe van der Vliet
(1970-02-16) 16 February 1970 (age 47)
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Occupation Film editor
Years active 1993–present
Website https://www.youtube.com/user/wiebe1602

Wiebe van der Vliet-van Trotsenburg is a Netherlands-born film editor, sound editor, and post-production consultant.


After studying film editing at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, van der Vliet became assistant editor for the Academy Award-winning 1995 film Antonia by Dutch director, writer, and feminist Marleen Gorris.[1][2] After taking part of the Antonia team, van der Vliet started a film editing career.[3]

In 1999, van der Vliet edited the original museum films for the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam.[4]

In 2008, van der Vliet started working with the Danish documentary film director Tao Nørager.[5] They collaborate under the name Roaddox. They primarily produce films about creative people or processes, and use the new media as their platform.[6]

Other work[edit]

Van der Vliet has been teaching film editing at Københavns Tekniske Skole, a technical school in Copenhagen.[7]


Wiebe van der Vliet's Works[1]
Title Year occupation International title
De kleine blonde dood 1993 Assistant editor
De vlinder tilt de kat op 1994 Assistant editor
Antonia[2] 1995 Assistant editor Antonia's Line
Tot ziens 1995 Assistant sound editor Goodbye
Laagland 1996 Assistant sound editor
Mrs Dalloway[8] 1997 Assistant sound editor
Double You Street 1997 Sound editor
Ivoren wachters 1998 Sound effects editor
Remembering Ane Frank 1998 Sound editor
The Luzhin Defence 2000 Assistant editor
Dial 9 for Love 2001 Assistant editor
Qui vive[9] 2001 Sound editor
Mis 2001 Editor
Volle maan 2002 Assistant editor Full Moon Party
Øje-blink 2003 Editor
Jul på Vesterbro – bag om 2003 Editor
En lille død[10] 2005 Editor Tiny Death
Forsvunden 2006 Editor Embrace Me
Bible Black[11] 2008 Editor/producer Bible Black
High before homeroom[12] 2010 Editor/producer High before homeroom
True Family 2012 Editor/producer True Family

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