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ATI, or "Attempting to Improve" is a view adopted by some wikipedians. Wikipedians who have this view edit Wikipedia in an attempt to improve the article. This stands, even where the article was not improved by the users edits. It makes it even more clear that all edits made by the user were made to make Wikipedia better, and not to harm it. It is an extension of the good faith rule, and helps prevent confusion between new editors and vandals. When an editor decides to accept this view, the user is invited to state it on their talk page or user page.

For those who wish to display their commitment to the ATI view, there is a userbox available.

Userbox Style:

Desktop computer clipart - Yellow theme.svg This user edits with an Attempting to Improve view.

If you wish to use this on your page, use the markup shown below.


Users that have adopted an ATI view:[edit]

If you share this view, please feel free to edit the page and sign your name below.