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IFD ("images for deletion") plugin for AutoWikiBrowser is a tool for easy replacement and removal (commenting out or full removal) of multiple images. It is shipped with AWB starting with version


Plugins are included into main AWB distribution archive, however they are placed in the \Plugins subdirectory, so if you need to use a particular plugin, copy it to the main AWB directory.

  1. Open the plugin window by selecting Plugins → Recategorise per IFD main menu item.
  2. The table below will display image changes to be made (empty "To" field means that image will be removed. Lines with non-whitespace characters between asterisks and first opening square bracket will be ignored because these characters are "NO BOTS" typically:)
    • Remove
      * [[:Image:Name]]
    • Replace
      * [[:Image:Name]] to [[:Image:Name]]
    • Inline comment
      ; comment
  3. Press OK button. The plugin will list the pages with the images and close its window.
  4. Enter an appropriate edit summary on the (3) Start tab of the main window.
  5. Press Start button.

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